img_1100Hi, I’m Kirsten. It’s pronounced ‘Shirsten’, which isn’t helpful, but is Norwegian. Not that I’m Norwegian. Oh no, that would make sense and we can’t be having that. Let’s start again.

I am a poet living in the north-east of England. I perform my work, but also get published on paper, in magazines and books. Once I was shortlisted for the Wenlock Prize – that’s a pretty big deal, in poetry’s pretty small world. I’ve never won a prize though. My first show came second in the Saboteur Awards 2014 (Best Solo Show Category). That’s as close as I’ve come so far, to winning something. I often wonder if that matters, and to who.

I have made two spoken-word-poetry-theatre-shows so far. Both have been funded by Arts Council England, both have been great fun to do, both are very low tech and I’ll do them in your school hall/arts centre/theatre/living room if you feel like paying me. One of them can be arranged to come with a live tabla player. One of them comes with chocolates and film projections, so take your pick really.

I think if you take a wander through the menu headings you’ll probably get the idea. Thanks for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kirsten, I wondered if you were local to the Hartlepool area and if you would be interested in visiting a 1 hour after school slam poetry club one time. I would love if you could email me to discuss this further.

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